M.Tech. (Integrated Power System) Program




The post graduate program in Integrated Power Systems aims at further enhancing the knowledge and skills of the graduates. This program will mould the graduates into excellent researchers, academicians and entrepreneurs in the field of power systems.




The mission of the post graduate program in Integrated Power Systems is

1. To provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning the advancesin power systems.

2. To impart the state-of-the-art knowledge in the relevant field of Power Systems.

3. To provide excellence in learning through dedicated teaching, innovation and research.

4. To imbibe self-learning attitudes and professional ethics.

5. To prepare students to face the challenges in the area of power systems.



  1. Work in power industry which is involved with the aspects of generation, transmission, and distribution.
  2. Shoulder responsibilities in planning and utilization of electrical energy.
  3. Design of electrical systems.
  4. Analyze and model the complex electrical systems.
  5. Expose to the recent state-of-art in electrical engineering.
  6. Contribute in academics.
  7. Undertake research in emerging areas of power systems.
  8. Use recent soft tools in analysis of power system problems.
  9. Deploy knowledge and skills in inter-disciplinary areas.
  10. Understand the importance of financial aspects in power system infrastructure development.
  11. Appreciate the impact of industrial activities on global warming and finding the sustainable technical solutions.



1.To develop specialised manpower for electrical power and energy industry.

2. To enhance analytical skills so as to enable to solve complex industrial problems.

3. To augment the students’ capacity in pursuing research in emerging areas of power

4. To improve students’ perspective towards environmental issues by sensitising and
building the awareness of green technologies.

5. To inculcate the culture of research oriented projects with state-of-art facility
laboratories in power system.



Please click on the link below to see the syllabus of M.Tech. (IPS).