1. Long standing of Electrical Engineering Department since last 50 years with access to higher education, service to people and outreach to the society.
  2. Strong ethics and commitment to quality, positive moral, commitment to seek opportunities.
  3. Internationally recognised with distinct alumni.
  4. Dedicated and experienced faculty.
  5. Updated curriculum with requirements as defined by the demands of stakeholders.
  6. Considerable success in increasing resources through successful submission of research proposals by the department faculty.
  7. Industry oriented courses and laboratory work.
  8. Steadily increasing research output by way of publications, patents and technology transfer.
  9. Learning environment for the students with multiple programmes, students clubs, guest lectures and industrial visits.





  1. Long term planning to achieve the goals with infrastructure and equipments.
  2. Interdisciplinary interaction with other departments/institutions.
  3. Collaboration with higher level institutions.
  4. Quality facilities.
  5. Low faculty to student ratio.
  6. Inadequate technical supporting staff.
  7. Sponsored/non-sponsored research projects